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I am a mom, a librarian, and a student.

Creepy Hall

In my younger years, I watched plenty of  horror movies. I’d be screaming at the girl (it was always a girl) not to go walking slowly down the hallway to the dark corner at the end. What do you think…should … Continue reading

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Artistic Beginnings

On a warm afternoon, my daughter grabs her sidewalk chalk and begins a work of art on our patio. She doesn’t tell me what she’s going to draw, only that she wants draw. I managed to get a part of … Continue reading

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Mounted Police

I’m always in awe of these horses and their police riders…

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Chess in the Park

I’ve been attending Computers in Libraries conference for the past few days. My inner librarian geek has been enjoying the tons of information that’s being shared. I’ve been writing plenty of notes to share the information with my colleagues. Anyway, … Continue reading

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James Madison Building ~ Library of Congress

With National Library Week coming to a close, I’m wrapping up photos of the Library of Congress. Today’s Library building is the James Madison Building. In 1957, Librarian of Congress L. Quincy Mumford initiated studies for a third Library building. … Continue reading

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John Adams Building ~ Library of Congress

Continuing with National Library Week, today’s building is the John Adams Building. I’ve spent many, many hours here. Thanks Library of Congress! In 1928, at the urging of Librarian of Congress Herbert Putnam, Congress authorized the purchase of land directly … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson Building ~ Library of Congress

In honor of National Library Week, I’m posting some of my photographs (and a brief history — compliments of Library of Congress website) of the Thomas Jefferson Building. If you’ve never been, I hope you get to visit the Library … Continue reading

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