While I was on my way to frosty Chicago for a work conference, I thought it’d be a good idea to draft a blog post about my recent meditation experience. I’ve been overly stressed this past month, which would be an excellent reason to maintain my meditation practice. However, stress (and the cold of the winter months) throws off my daily routine and I’m sleeping later during the time I’d  normally be meditating. And I’m struggling to get to work on time. And I feel so out of sorts and it just like a monumental effort to find 15 or 20 minutes to just sit in quiet that I’d rather tell myself that I don’t have time to meditate. I know: excuses, excuses.
So the other morning I was up early, too early, and I decided to meditate. I got out my headphones to listen to my music, found my mantra, and settled into my meditative practice. Thoughts floated in and I let them float right back out. It took a little bit of effort not to focus on any of them and keep going back to my mantra.
Usually during my meditations, I find myself either practicing yoga with my spiritual teacher or there is a small group of us meditating together on a platform or something in a forest clearing. I believe this is where me, as spirit, goes to listen to God speak to me. I know all New Age and Shirley McClain, but this is my experiences and beliefs.
So this time, I realize that I haven’t been meditating lately and that I’ve been in such a dark place, so no forest clearing, no yoga, just me. After (I realized later) 15 minutes, I began to see a light creeping in from the right. It was early, I thought it was just the daylight making its way through my window. However, when I opened my eyes to see, it was still dark outside. When I closed my eyes again to finish my meditation, the light was brighter and I could see my forest clearing with my spiritual teacher waiting for me.
For me, this experience was that I was finally returning to where I needed to be to get through my current situation. It was powerful and set me firmly in my meditation practice.
Is there a meditative experience you’d like to share? I realize that meditation is not for everyone but I’d like to encourage you to try it.


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