Project Dominican Republic


Next year, I’ll be taking a vacation in the Dominican Republic. This is a trip that I ordinarily wouldn’t have taken, but I’ve got a year to pay for it and the airfare. And I haven’t been on a real vacation in several years, so I decided to plan this trip for myself (with a group that I belong to). So yay! me.

This is just the motivation that I need to make a real start to my weight-loss journey. I need a deadline, a date on the calendar, that I need to achieve a goal. I can say that I want to lose 35 pounds. But I have to say that I want to lose 15 pounds by June 30. And then I could set another date for an additional 20 pounds by December 31. No New Year resolutions for me to lose weight.

So Project Dominican Republic is my weight loss journey to be ready to look hot on my vacation. That means eating healthier, exercising regularly, meditating daily. It also means being consistent and planning my meals and bringing my lunch. It means that I have to stop making excuses as to why I can’t or haven’t lost weight.

Project Dominican Republic begins on Tuesday, February 3. Why a Tuesday? Well, I want to start after I return from my business trip from a very chilly Chicago. And my routine will be back to normal on Tuesday. And I think I’ll be over my stomach virus by then also (thanks to my lovely daughter).

Life is good!

Blessed be!


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