The Laundry Mat

image There’s something strangely hypnotic about watching my clothes dry.  The clothes going round and around and around, spinning and spinning and (oops, I’ve made myself dizzy). The spinning clothes pulls me into a trance of some sort. And soon the next thing I know, I find myself in a hypnotic state, with all the answers of my universe at my feet. My creative juices are flowing, I believe that I am an author, on the verge of writing my award-winning debut novel. My mind’s eye is open and I can see into the past and the future, and I am able to resolve any circumstances that I currently find myself. In short, I am the MAN (umm, WOMAN). Then the buzzer sounds, ending the dryer cycle and my illusions of grandeur. How much as passed? I look around, wondering if anyone noticed the glowing light that must have surrounded me. And reality slowly sets in, the clothes need to be folded. I grab a cart so I can start the slow process of folding the dry clothes. Ugh! If I didn’t hate ironing more, I would probably just shove all of the clothes in the bags and go home, trying to remember what I was thinking about while I was watching my clothes dry. image I look at the other people in the laundry mat and I wonder…do they realize that they too can find the answers of their universe just by watching their clothes in the dryer?

Have a great day! Blessed be.


About Camilla

I am a mom, a librarian, and a student.
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