Blogging Goals for 2015


Although I’ve never really been a New Year’s Resolution type of chick, I now recognize the value of setting and achieving goals. I believe it’s important to set goals and achieve certain milestones, if only to see how much you’ve accomplished in a specific time frame.

So here are 10 blogging goals for 2015:

  1. Create and maintain an editorial calendar.
  2. Post twice a week.
  3. Be consistent.
  4. Continue to learn more about photography (camera and software) and post my experiments.
  5. Participate in more photo challenges. I hope that Blogging U. does Photography 101 challenge again or even a Photography 201.
  6. Grow my followers by 10%.
  7. Create a new weekly feature.
  8. Spend an hour each week reading (and/or viewing) and commenting on other blogs that I’m following.
  9. Include guest bloggers. (If anyone is interested, drop me a line.)
  10. Take a photo tour of neighborhoods and post the photos.

About Camilla

I am a mom, a librarian, and a student.
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