Monthly wrap-up

Sailing into the Sunset

I enjoyed my first time participating in NaBloPoMo. It is a huge time commitment, but it was easier to participate with a game plan, Goals. Unfortunately, a family emergency and other life events prevented me from posting everyday. And I didn’t allow myself to feel discouraged about not being able to post everyday, as I used to do. Instead, I just posted the next time I was able. I think I’d give NaBloPoMo another shot next year.

I also participated in Photography 101 course, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ve always enjoyed taking pictures, but this course allowed me to learn more about my point and shoot camera, Nikon Coolpix, and learn about the camera on my smartphone. I’ve taken pictures in Black and White, zoomed in on a garden and some bees, and finally figured out how to use that sports setting.
I’ve enjoyed the Photography 101 course so much that I’ve decided to participate in other photo challenges and including those photos in my blog. Plus… I have a new smartphone with an incredible camera that I’m ready to learn how to use.

Now that December is here, I’ll admit that this is my favorite time of the year. I love the lights and other decorations that people put in their yards and balconies. I love the wrapped presents and the Christmas trees. I enjoy watching others opening their gifts, hoping they enjoy it (and use it) as much as I enjoyed thinking of them when I chose their gift.

I hope you continue to join me as I continue to find my balance between my spiritual life and my logical life. Blessed be!


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I am a mom, a librarian, and a student.
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