Weekend Two ~ Playing with the Light (or trying to anyway)

I have a Japanese Maple (if I’m remembering correctly) in my backyard that I decided to use as my photography muse this weekend. Because I took the pictures on different days, I tried to take all of the pictures from the same angle, at least from the same area in my backyard.

The top row: I started yesterday (Saturday) afternoon at 3:00 when the Sunday was still shining and it was a bit windy also. I also took the second Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

The 2nd row: Today has been a cloudy day. Looking at the pictures on my camera, I thought they looked the same. But after I loaded them to my PC, I can see a little bit of difference.

My favorite is the picture taken at 4:30 yesterday afternoon.


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3 Responses to Weekend Two ~ Playing with the Light (or trying to anyway)

  1. dwaycrafts says:

    I love the deepest of the color at 4:30 and the play of light at 3:00.


  2. Anna says:

    How beautiful….I just love the brilliant red!


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