Day 10: Mystery

For today’s mystery theme, I chose “The Awakening” that used be displayed at Hains Point in Washington, DC but is now located at National Harbor in Ft. Washington, MD. It is supposed to be as if a man is awakening from a nap. But from the angle of the first picture, I think he looks like he’s trying to escape from the sand. Is he waking up? Or escaping?

What do you think?
awakening awakening2


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9 Responses to Day 10: Mystery

  1. That sculpture freaks me out. I couldn’t even drive past it when it was in Hains because it made me sooo nervous. Now that its i the Harbor, I purposely walk a longer way to get to restaurants just do I won’t see it! I don’t know why it freaks me out, but it just does. Now with all that said, you really captured it nicely with your photo. 🙂

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  2. Love this photo. Ultimately it’s a mystery but to me I’d say escaping.

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  3. My husband and I saw this sculpture in its original location and really loved it. Great representation of the word!


  4. andy says:

    waking up or escaping, mysterious ! 😉


  5. inspiringmax says:

    Intriguing photo—full of mystery.


  6. dwaycrafts says:

    It was a landmark for me. I grew with it being at Haines Point. It’s weird seeing it there. Good news I am happy it is safe.


  7. ishkishmish says:

    The first one looks like a magnet is pulling him out. The second one looks like he’s relaxng under the hot sand


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