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I have challenged myself, and I accepted. I’ve decided to participate in NaBloPoMo this year. I’ve been blogging off and on for a few years and always found reasons excuses not to participate or not to continue throughout the month of November. It’s a lot of work. I don’t have enough to blog about everyday. I don’t have enough time. I write enough at work, at school. Blah, blah, blah.

I’ve been making excuses for why I d0n’t complete a specific goal. I still haven’t lost the baby weight that I gained when I was pregnant with my daughter 4 years ago. Why? I want to lose the weight, but I haven’t tried. I said I was going to walk at work…I didn’t.  I want to be able to fit into my clothes again. But…nope, I’ve done nothing. It’s time for me to up my game…I’m going to set a goal and complete it. I won’t chastise myself if I miss a day. I won’t get down on myself. I’ll just pick up the next day and post to my blog.

I’m realizing that life is much too short to not go for the things you want. I’m going to set my goal and work my ass off until I achieve it. I can do it. I believe I can fly…sorry I started feeling good about my speech and the song just fell out.

So this year, I’m going for it. I’m going to post everyday, whether it be a written post, a photo post (I’m also participating in Photo 101 at Blogging U.), a quote, whatever.

Whether you’re participating in NaBloPoMo or another challenge or working toward a goal, I wish you well on your journey.

Blessed be!

NaBloPoMo November 2014


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