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Office I had a blog a number of years ago (now defunct)…Books and Basketball was the name of it. I would participate in blog challenges, but I never finished them. I’d skip a day for whatever reason. I would feel guilty about missing a day and not start again the next day. Not only did I not finish the challenge, it would take me some time to start posting again. It was as if I was afraid of being successful. Now didn’t that sound silly? But I assure that it was true.

So today, I have decided to participate in the NaNoBloMo that November 1. What makes this time different than previous times? This time I’m a little older. I want to finish something that I’ve started. I look back at all the times that I haven’t finished something that I’ve started, and I want to finish a blog challenge. And I’m doing it in November.

workstation-336369_1280I posted a few days ago about my goals for my current blog. The first goal was to post twice a week for November, December, and January. That goal is now revised to participate in NaNoBloMo and post daily in November. Then in December, January, and February I’ll post three times a week, including a new weekly feature, Wordless Wednesdays.

In a number of reflections, I have identified a number of times that I was fearful of succeeding, of being the “shining star” in the room. While I don’t regret anything that I’ve done (or not done), but every so often I ask myself, What if…I’d spoken up at that meeting or learned Visual Basic or participated in that 5K…and many more. For the past few years, I’ve completed the Good Reads reading challenge, where I’ve set a number of books to read for the year. Now it’s time to set a shorter challenge. And I believe that I can, and will, finish.

Blessed be!


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