Having Faith

Having faith is easier some days than others. Of course I know there are people out there who says that’s nonsense. It’s not that I don’t have faith but I don’t have always have the trust in my faith. And today just helps me to know that God is always working for me, even when I don’t see it.

Today I felt down, you know “Woe is me, woe is me!” “What us gon’ do?!” Money has already been tight lately. Then this morning my tire blew, yep, not only was it flat, but it popped a hole just as the boyfriend was putting air in it. The good thing was the vehicle was parked in our driveway when it happened and that we had another car to drive. The less than good thing is that the car needs a tire as well. And who can forget that I need to be in Annapolis Thursday evening and I’d need my truck to get there. Ugh! I was feeling some kind of way.

This afternoon, I really started feeling down. When I finally had enough of the self-pity, I declared that today, “all is well and that my abundance is coming to me today. I am claiming my abundance.” Of course, I didn’t know in what form my abundance will take. I just trusted that it was coming soon.

When I called my boyfriend for a quick conversation before a meeting, he told me that I had received my check for working at recent basketball tournament. I had forgotten about that check. But it was right on time. I know it’s easy to say that the check was already on its way. And yes that’s right. However, the check could have been in the wrong amount, could have went to the wrong house, could have not come at all. So I’m glad that it came today. I will use this money to get new tires for my truck and put a little bit of change into my son’s pocket.

Of course, it’s up to me to maintain my faith, to have trust in my faith, to realize that I have to do my part.

Blessings be!


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